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Error in BHIM APP Transaction Declined Solved

PM Modi BHIM APP Transaction Declined Error

Are you facing problem in using BHIM AppTransaction Declined” after installing and verifying mobile number. In the first step >> you have to install the BHIM App from Google Play store. For the Windows & iPhone users you have to search in Apple store or Microsoft app store. The “error in fetching bank accounts” for BHIM App. When you click on “Select Banks” you may get error ie. Transaction Declined.

After installing the NPCI App >>> you have to verify your mobile number >> Choose SIM 1 or SIM 2 (Only choose phone number you have enrolled in your bank accounts. >> Your SMS charges are apply (Rs 1.5 per SMS) pr (Rs 1.2 per SMS). There are lots of error in verifying mobile number >> Showing network in not available/ internet problem

Solve Transaction Declined “BHIM APP”

a) Go to the place where mobile tower signal are working great.
b) Now, open the BHIM App in your mobile. (Android/ Windows/ iOS).
c) Click on Verify mobile number and select your mobile number. If you have dual SIM, choose SIM 1 or SIM 2 mobile number. Note: you must verify only the mobile number attached in your bank account.
d) The SMS charged Rs 1.5/- or Rs 1.2 is deducted from the main account.
e) If your phone number is not verified, then you must restart your mobile phone and insert primary phone number in SIM 1 (the mobile number your want to verify).

Can’t find Bank in BHIM App

Yes, you may not find some bank names in the BHIM App list. The Gramin Banks/ Co-operative Banks are not available. All the banks implemented UPI (Unified Payment Interface) can use BHIM App. In coming months NPCI is going to develop other banks UPI apps too.

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