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BHIM Maha UPI Customer Care – Bank of Maharashtra BHIM UPI App Support, Help Center Register Complaint

Register Complaint Online/ Customer Care of Bank of Maharashtra BHIM Maha UPI App. Toll-free Support for BHIM Maha UPI Transaction, Technical Error, Server, Update Issue, Verify Mobile Number, Location Permission Error.

Bank of Maharashtra UPI App is “BHIM Maha UPI” available for only Android Smartphones. The iPhone Maha BHIM UPI App is not yet developed. BHIM Maha UPI Complaint can be submitted online using Website, Customer Care Submit Ticket or on the Toll-free number. The customer using Bank of Maharashtra (BOM) may get error in the Login, Location Permission, Granting Location issue, Slow after updating BHIM Maha UPI App App. In this article, we are providing customer support contact details for BHIM Maha UPI App. The customer can also share their problem via comments below.

BHIM Maha UPI Download/ Install

The Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) official UPI App “BHIM Maha UPI” is available on the Google Play Store. The average rating of 4.1 out of 5 by 2,742 customer is average in the Category of Finance Apps. For iPhone or Windows Smartphone, UPI App is not developed by Bank of Maharashtra. The customer not having a bank account in the Bank of Maharashtra can also download and install the BHIM Maha UPI App.

UPI Registration & Mobile Verification

Step 1: Download the BHIM Maha UPI App from Google Play Store.
Step 2: Click on Install and given App Permission i.e. SMS, Contacts, Location, Media etc.
Step 3: Now, the Bank of Maharashtra UPI App will send and SMS from registered mobile. If you are having a dual SIM phone. Choose the SIM 1 or SIM 2 (The mobile number must be registered with any other UPI enables Bank).
Step 4: To send an SMS, select option ’Send SMS’ provided at the bottom of the screen. For Mobile Number Validation, user will receive an Access Code on his registered Mobile Number. If the entered access code is correct then the application will allow user to set his/her Application Password.
Step 5: Set Application Password & re-enter 4 digits password in the input fields.

Adding Bank Account in BHIM Maha UPI App

To use the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) of Bank of Maharashtra (BOM), the customer has to choose/ select bank (Either you are Bank of Maharashtra Account Holder) or other Banks.

For Bank of Maharashtra account Holder

Having Bank Account in Bank of Maharashtra will let you fetch all your bank accounts linked to the mobile number entered. Now, you have to choose the bank account. Select the Bank Account of Maharashtra Bank. You will get OTP SMS, Enter the OTP PIN and your account is successfully linked to UPI services. SET the UPI PIN/ MPIN or Password.

For Non-Bank of Maharashtra account Holder

In case the user selects other bank accounts. The accounts linked to his mobile number will get displayed on the screen. Select the account for mapping from the account list. User will be asked to enter 6 Digits of Debit Card, Expiry Date. After submission of these Details, OTP will be triggered & send to user’s Registered Mobile Number for account details fetch. After the selection account will get mapped to the payment address.

Features of BHIM Maha UPI App

Following are some of the features of BHIM Maharashtra Bank UPI App. Install to get full list of features.

  • Send Money
  • Request Money
  • Payment Address
  • Transaction History
  • Side drawer/Navigation Menu
  • Notification
  • Add multiple Bank Accounts in App
  • Real-time settlement of funds 24X7
  • Complaints
  • SET MPIN/ Forgot MPIN

BHIM Maha UPI Complaint Box/ Customer Care

The latest version of BHIM Maha UPI App is 1.5.5 and was released on 8 April 2019. The customer who are using BHIM UPI Maharasthra App must update their existing app for the security reason and fix other error/ issues. Below are the major problem, issue, error.

  1. Mobile Verification Problem
  2. Login Issue (Not able to login with the Password/ PIN)
  3. After the update, BHIM Maha UPI App is very slow.
  4. Account is locked, after incorrect password
  5. Location permission granted but issue in login BHIM UPI App
  6. Transaction failed and money is deducted.
  7. Transaction is showing pending in the history
  8. Set Password issue (Not able to set new password).
  9. The transation limit is very less.
  10. Server not responding
  11. Dear costumer your registration has been deactivated.
  12. Servers are down all the time
  13. Money deducted but not credited to another account nor refunded

Register Complaint: BHIM Maha UPI Help center

The user can submit online ticket via the Google Play Store App URL (Online Complaint Box). To register a complaint via the customer care of BHIM Maha UPI you have to register your mobile number, issue on the Toll-Free number.  You can also email to the help center with the error/ issue screenshot so that the technical team can help you.
Toll-Free: 1800-233-4526 / 1800-102-2636
Email : [email protected]
Via BHIM Maha UPI App: User Can register a complaint using this official UPI App. On this screen the list of already lodged complaints will display. To Lodge a new complaint, user selects ‘+’ option & enter email Id, Subject of complaint &
description. After the submission, this complaint will get Displayed in the Complaint List.

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i cant my bank account balance in BHIM APP

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i can’t access my bank account balance in BHIM APP

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