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BHIM United UPI Pay – Online Complain, Helpline: United Bank of India (UBI)

UPI App of United Bank of India (UBI) is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The Windows BHIM UNited UPI Pay App is not available. The customer can download United Bank of India (UBI) and install the app to use the BHIM UPI App. To install the United UPI App, you have to visit the United Bank of India website (http://www.unitedbankofindia.com/english/upi.aspx) or visit Google Play Store and search for the UPI App of UBI (BHIM United UPI Pay).

How UPI (BHIM) App Works – Flow Diagram

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a system developed and managed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NCPI). With the help of UPI the transfer of money is immediate though mobile device round the clock 24*7 and 365 days. You can add multiple bank account in the single APP, BHIM UPI App or any BANK UPI App.

The Flow diagram of UPI Interface, Working is shown below.

united pay bhim upi app

Features of BHIM United UPI Pay App

Most of the BHIM UPI App has the approx same features. Banking, Transaction, View balance, Pay using QR Code etc. features.

Banking Transaction Features
  1. Money Pay request
  2. Money Collect request
  3. Collect request approval (Payer approval through Mobile application)
  4. Debiting / Crediting Payer / Payee accounts
  5. Virtual address resolution for NPCI-UPI
  6. Support for all 2-party, 3-party and 4-party models of NPCI UPI
  7. Address book management

Non-Transaction Features

  1. User profile registration
  2. Bank accounts creation
  3. Payment address creation
  4. Authentication
  5. Authorization
  6. PIN generation

Register Online Complaint

The customer can register online complaint for the United Bank of India (UBI) United UPI Pay App. Facing any problem with the BHIM App Installation, SMS, Mobile number verification, or fetching the account details, UPI PIN, MPIN Set, reset, lost PIN, block the UPI Transaction etc.

BHIM United UPI Pay Customer Care, Support

After installation of BHIM United UPI App. You have to verify your mobile number using the SMS. Insert the SIM in the Primary Slot if you have dual SIM phone. After successful installation, adding a bank account to the UPI App. You have to set the MPIN (6 Digit). This MPIN is same for all UPI App (i.e. Axis Bank UPI, PhonePe, ICICI UPI, HDFC UPI, SBI UPI etc.) for the particular bank.

At the time of the transaction or UPI App Installation, you may face error, the problem with the United Pay UPI App. Follow are the common error, complaints registered on Google Play, Customer care of BHIM United Bank of India UPI Pay App.

(a) UPI transaction is chargeable (Rs 3 is deducted) but on other UPI App, there are no charges. Why?
Answer: If your account is debited with Rs 3 or any amount while making a transaction using the BHIM United UPI Pay App. Kindly register complaint to the customer care of United Bank of India UPI App Dept. The United Payment Interface (UPI) service is free of cost and banks are not allowed to charge on it.

(b) The transaction cannot be performed without registering your bank account.
Answer: This type of error occurs if you have recently removed the SIM and re-inserted again on the same slot or another slot. You have to authenticate the mobile again and register the bank.

(c) Can’t verify my mobile number/ Error in the SMS/ Verification of mobile number error – SMS charges are deducted.
Answer: Check that mobile number SIM is inserted in the Primary Slot (Slot-1). After inserting the SIM, restart the phone. Check the network, It should be an automatic mode. Your mobile number must have some balance so that SMS charges can be deducted. The verification (SMS is chargeable).

(d) All-time show sim card not detected on this device –  Getting error message something about upi pin length is not configured properly
Kindly restart your mobile phone. Insert SIM in other slot and check the same. The UPI PIN is 6 Digit. So, you have to set 6 digit PIN.

(e) Account Does not exist
Answer: At the time of SMS Authentication of mobile number with the bank. You may get the error message “Account doesn’t exist”. This type of error is due to the heavy traffic on the UPI server at NCPI. Wait for a while and try again.

Following are some other ERROR/ Problem with the United Pay UPI App.

  1. Everytime app shows my account pin invalid.
  2. Popup window show that the app “facing a technical issue”.
  3. All time show sim card not detected on this device. Please insert a sim
  4. After updating the app, United Pay UPI App is not working, opening, account fetching error, transaction failed.
  5. Amount is deducted from bank but not credited to account.
  6. Amount is transfered to wrong UPI Address (VPA). How to revert/ roll back the transaction etc.

Support Team – Email Id/ Contact Info

Email Address: [email protected]
Contact Details: 1800 345 0345

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