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BHIM VIJAYA UPI App: Customer Care, Register Online Complaint & Support

Vijaya UPI App Online Complaint & Support: BHIM Vijaya Bank UPI App is managed by VIJAYA BANK technical team. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) developed Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system that enables the customer to send, receive money 24×7 instant without any bank transaction fee. The UPI was first launched in June 2016 After the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes, the UPI was chosen by common people for money transaction, shopping, sending money etc. The Public Sector and Private sector banks has developed their own UPI APP. NPCI has also launched BHIM APP (UPI) that support all bank account to be connected using UPI Interface. The UPI Statistics at NCPI with a total of 524 million transaction value of 82,232.21 crores was registered in November 2018 and the number is still increasing.

The working of UPI Is very simple. To use the UPI system, you have to download any bank UPI App or BHIM App that supports multiple bank account fetching. After adding your bank to UPI and setting UPI PIN, you can initiate the transaction or pull money request from your contacts or using the UPI VPA address.

The Vijaya UPI App is “BHIM VIJAYA UPI App” available for Android and iOS mobile and tablets. Windows App of Vijaya UPI App is not available at present. Empowers you to connect and transfer of funds from any bank account using Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

Now you can afford to forget remembering your account details, as Vijaya UPI offers to send and collect using the virtual address, which aims to make payments simpler.

A Virtual Payment Address (VPA) is a unique identifier that you set and link to your bank account. (Example: yourname@VIJB). Once linked, just quote your VPA instead of account number and IFSC to make or receive payments. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a payment system by NPCI that allows transfer of funds between accounts in a convenient manner.

VIJAYA UPI BHIM App Customer Care

The VIJAYA UPI App can be used by the existing customer as well as the other bank customers. After installation of Bijaya UPI BHIM App you have to verify the mobile number. Insert the mobile number SIM in slot 1 (primary slot) if your phone is dual SIM and use it.

The verification process is very simple. The Vijaya UPI APP will send SMS from your SIM and verify the mobile number with the Banks. After verification, you have to set the UPI PIN. Add your all banks if you want and set the PIN for them.

You may be asked Debit Card last 6 digits, CVV and Expiry date of the card to verify your account. If you have forgotten the UPI PIN, then you have to reset PIN using the Debit Card details only or visit the BANK.

Error, Issue: BHIM VIJAYA UPI App – Online Complaint

Vijaya Bank is a Public Sector Bank and has a presence in most of the cities in India. The UPI Facility is new and may get you stuck in between transaction, error in the fetching account details, amount deducted and not credited to the beneficiary account, the problem with the BANK server, or any technical error. Also, the maintenance mode of the UPI App may cause some issue. Following are the major error, the problem with the BHIM UPI App.

There are three ways to get help for BHIM UPI App.

  1. Call the customer care on the toll-free number of BHIM Vijaya UPI App. The toll-free number is given below. You can call them and get support. Also note down the ticket number, register complaint.
  2. Email to the support team, the email address is also given below.
  3. Online complaint system: File your complaint online. The link is given below.

Features of BHIM Vijaya Bank UPI App

Below are the benefits and features of VIJAYA BANK UPI APP.

  • One single App for Multiple Bank Accounts.
  • Vijaya Bank or Non-Vijaya Bank customers can send money or ask for money using the Vijaya Bank UPI app, without knowing their bank account details.
  • Transfer funds to a Virtual Payment Address (VPA).
  • Option to send money using Account No/ IFSC or Mobile Number/ MMID (Mobile Money Identifier)
  • Add beneficiary instantly by just using Virtual Payment Address (VPA). No need to remember or enter the bank account number and IFSC
  • Check the balance of linked bank accounts.
  • Request money from anyone using the sender’s Virtual ID
  • Fund transfers are instant, 24*7, 365 days and take place in a completely safe and secure way.
  • Customer can freely share the UPI financial address with others without fear of misuse.
  • Customer can choose to create multiple virtual addresses for multiple accounts across banks.
  • Check balance of linked bank accounts.
  • PAY and collect using IMPS.
  • Fund transfers are instant, 24*7, 365 days and absolutely free of cost and take place in a completely safe and secure way.
  • Scan N Pay (QR based payment solution) to receive and send money
  • View Transaction History
  • Log App related grievances / complaints

BHIM Vijaya UPI App Complaints

The UPI System is designed to handle huge transaction at a time. But due to the technical limitation, there are chances that error, the issue may occur during the transaction.

(a) Vijaya UPI App is very bad app showing transaction is successful. But my receiving account dose not received it, the amount is deducted from my account. Money debited and not received to beneficiary bank.
(b) Reversal of failed transaction is taking 15 days.
(c)  I’m unable to make payments, they are so urgent. Don’t know what to do! Only says, technical issues
(d) Unable to verify the mobile number. SMS Charges are deducted.
(e) Not able to register bank account.
(f) Getting the same error msg again & again:- “Your transaction could not be processed due to connectivity problems. Please contact app provider.”
(g) Whenever I try registering, it sends the msg and deducts my balance, but at the end it says transaction not succeeded.
(h) Mobile number validation failed
(i) Send money to wrong VPA address. How to get a refund.
(j) Customer care are not responding.

Register VIJAYA BANK UPI APP Online Complaint

VIJAYA BANK online Grievance Redressal System is designed to help the existing customer as well as the non-existing customer with Vijaya Bank.

To get the online support or register online complaint regarding UPI App, Debit Card, Credit Card, Loan Dept etc. You have to provide the following details.

  1. ग्राहक प्रकार Customer Type
    Existing Customer
    Non-Existing Customer
  2. खाता संख्या Account Number
  3. शाखा Branch Name
  4. शिकायतकर्ता का नाम Name of the Complainant (*)
    पता 1 Address 1
    पता 2 Address 2
    शहर City
    राज्य State
    पिन Pin
  5. टेलीफोन Telephone Number
  6. मोबाइल Mobile Number (*)
  7. ईमेल Email Id
  8. वर्ग प्रकार Category Type(*)
    Account Related
    Complaints against outsourced vendor/activities
    Credit Card Related
    Debit Card Related
    IMPS/UPI Related
    Internet Banking
    Loan related
    Lockers related
    Mobile Banking
    NEFT/RTGS Related
    Pension, PPF and Insurance related
    Unauthorized Electronic Banking Transaction
  9. शिकायत विवरण Complaint Details
  10. कैप्चा कोड डाले Enter Captcha Code

Vijaya Bank Grievance Redressal System (Online Complaint)

Contact Details

The customer can get help 24×7 by calling the Toll-Free number or email your query to the support team of VIJAYA BANK. The customer care will verify your account details by asking your name, father’s name, address, mobile number, email id etc. The team will not ask Debit Card number, CVV or PIN. There may be fake call, fraud – Do not provide confidential details of BANK i.e. Debit/ Credit Card number, OTP, CVV, PIN, Expiry Date etc. of your account.

Email ID: [email protected]
Toll-Free Number: 1800 425 5885 , 1800 425 9992, 1800 425 4066 All the above numbers are available 24*7

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