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Cyber Fraud (Fake Phone} Complaint (Customer Care) Refund Money

Last updated on June 11th, 2019 at 07:41 pm

UPI Payment Request Fraud, PhonePe/ Google Pay/ PayTM/ SBIPay UPI App Fraud Complaint/ Report Cyber Fraud to Bank or Cyber Crime Safety Agency, Register Online Complaint of Cyber Fake phone Call, Bank Employee Complaint at Cyber Cell.

In the year 2017 and 2018 total 4028 Cyber Crime Fraud cases have been registered related to internet banking, UPI, IMPS, NEFT, credit/debit card. This total loss in Cyber Crime Frauds were Rs 240.45 Crores. There are various Criminal Groups are active that always searching new ways to steal Credit Card/ Debit Card and other financial login details. In this article, we are providing complete information that can help in case you are a victim of Cyber Fraud also check the Cyber Crime Safety Tips that will surely help you to avoid such incidents.

We are receiving a large number of complaint regarding new way of fraud going on in the UPI Apps. We want you to be aware of these type of latest UPI Frauds. Don’t give your UPI VPA address or mobile number linked to PayTM to any unknow people. They may steal your money from Bank. Watch the video given below:-

Usually, our mobile number is linked to our bank account. Cybercriminals may also call you, posing as an employee of the mobile service provider and inform you that your mobile number will be disconnected if you don’t update your Subscriber Identification Module (SIM). For updating the SIM, they will send you a link or ask you to send an SMS from your number to service provider. Actually, they are attempting to make you send an SMS to your mobile service provider to block the existing SIM and issue a duplicate SIM. They obtain the duplicate SIM from service provide and use it to transact online using your mobile number and banking app.

Cyber Fraud Safety Tips

  • Never share your bank and card details such as online account password, card number, CVV, expiry date, PIN, OTP, etc., with anyone. By sharing these details you will compromise your account which can lead to illegal online financial transactions.
  • Make it a habit to regularly update your online password of your bank account and PIN of your Debit/Credit cards.
  • Never download or upload copyrighted content such as poems, essays, videos, music, images, the composition of songs, music, software, etc. without the author’s permission. The act of downloading and uploading copyrighted work of others is an offense.

Do you know a hacker is anyone who uses/ exploits technology for an unintended use thereby disrupting operations or causing financial/ reputational lossto people? Hackers can use malwares, viruses or Trojans to attack your computer and gain access to your data. Let’s discuss how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of online transaction frauds.

Cyber Crime/ Fraud Safety Tips

Keep an Eye
Always ensure that credit or debit card
swipes are done in your presence to avoid
cloning/unauthorized copying of your
card information

Cyber Fraud Safety Tip 1

Never Disclose
Never disclose your net banking passwords, ATM or phone banking PIN, CW number, expiry date to anyone or respond to unknown mails or calls asking for such details. Sharing these may lead to unauthorized transactions

Cyber Fraud Safety Tip 2

Stay Alert
No bank or its employees will ever call or email you requesting for your Passport, PIN, OTP, and CVV details. If you get such calls.  immediately report the incident to your bank.


Cyber Fraud Safety Tip 3

Change Password
You should change old password to your new passwords. Check your MPIN, Netbanking, Login, Transaction Password should be strong and contains numeric, alphabet, Capital Alphabet and Special Characters.

Cyber Fraud Safety Tip 4

Virtual or OTP for Login
Always use OTP or virtual keyboards offered by most of the banks while accessing net banking facility from a public computer / cyber cafe. These computers might have key loggers installed which could steal your username and password. If possible, avoid making a financial transaction
over shared public computers

Cyber Safety Crime 5

Avoid using public computers for online banking/ transaction. In-case you want to use public computers for financial transactions, check for the presence of anti-virus on their system. Do not save your password when prompted by the browser

Cyber Safety Crime Tip 6

Only HTTPS Bank Website
While visiting your bank’s website or
conducting an online transaction, always
look for the “lock” icon on the browser’s
status bar and be sure “https” appears in
the website’s address bar before making an
online purchase. The “s” stands for “secure”
and indicates that the communication with
the webpage is encrypted

Cyber Fraud Safety Tip

Log in and view your bank account activity multiple times every week to make sure there are no unexpected transactions. Report any discrepancies to your financial institution immediately

Cyber Fraud Safety Tip
Bank Customer Care Number
Keep your Bank Customer Care Helpline/ Support Number Handy, so that you can report and suspicious or unauthorized transaction on your account immediatly.
Cyber Fraud Safety Tip
It is easy for cybercriminals to send convincing emails which appear to be from your bank. Don’t click on the links provided in such emails even if they look genuine. They could lead you to malicious websites. Instead, type in the bank’s web address in your browser and navigate from there
Cyber Safety Tip
Register your personal phone number with your bank and subscribe to mobile notifications. These notifications will alert you quickly of any suspicious transaction. Not just the transactions, the bank will alert you of the unsuccessful login attempts to your net-banking account
Cyber Crime Fraud Tip
If an ad claims that you can earn money with little or no work, get a loan or credit card, or make money on an investment with little or no risk, it’s probably a scam. These offers seems, too good to be true, but would be worse than your imagination and you would end up losing your money or compromising your account. Cyber Crime Safety Tip

Cybercriminals may fake his/her identity and call you posing as a bank employee and try to obtain credit card or bank details such as account number, personal identification number (PIN), CVV, expiry date, date of birth, etc. Once such details are given, the account can be compromised.

Online transaction fraud means illegally withdrawing or transferring money from your account to another account by a cyber criminal. Online transaction frauds can happen when your login credentials or bank account details or credit card details are stolen by a cyber criminal.

Cyber Fraud Complaint/ Nodal Officer/ Grievance

The Govt of India has developed https://cybercrime.gov.in/ website to register online complaint for Online Cyber Crime Frauds. Below are the official/ latest list of officer assigned to the Safety and Cyber Free Society. If you are victime of Cyber Fraud. Kindly call to your state Grievance Officer.

Emergency Toll-free Number: 100 (and register complaint)
We are also providing the Toll-free number for National Helpline Number: 1800-11-4000

S. No State/UT s Grievance Officer Details
Name Rank Landline E-mail
1 Andhra Pradesh Sh. J Prabhakar Rao DIGP 0863- 2340152 cybercrimes- [email protected]
2 Arunachal Pradesh Sh. Take Ringu DIGP 0360- 2215518 [email protected]
3 Assam Sh. Surendra kumar IGP 0361-2524′ igp- [email protected]
4 Bihar Sh Shiv Kumar Jha DIG 0612- 2238098 [email protected]
5 Chhattisgarh Sh.RKVij SPL DGP 0771- 2511623 [email protected]
6 Goa Sh. Paramaditya DIGP 0832- 2420883 digpgoa@goapolice gov.in
7 Gujarat Sh. Ajay Tomar ADGP 079-23250*. [email protected]
8 Haryana Sh. Kuldip Singh Siag ADGP 01733- 253230 igp crime2-hry@nic in
9 Himachal Pradesh Sh. Sandeep Dhavval SP 0177- 2627955 [email protected]
10 Jammu & Kashmir Sh. B Srinivas ADGP 0191- 2582996 [email protected]
11 Jharkhand Sh. Ranjit Prasad IGP 0651- 2490046 ig-orgcid@jhpo lice.gov.in
12 Karnataka Sh. T D Pawar DIGP 080- 22251817 digadmincod@ksp gov.in
13 Kerala Sh. Dr. Shaik Darvesh ADGP 0471- 2722215 adgpcrimes pol@kerala gov.in
14 Madhya Pradesh Smt Aruna Mohan Rao SPL DGP 0755- 2770248 spl.dgp- [email protected]. in
15 Maharashtra Sh. Brijesh Singh SPL IGP/DGP 022- 22026672 ig [email protected]
16 Manipur Sh. Themthing Ngashangva DIGP 0385- 2450573 themthi ng ng@gov. i n
17 Meghalaya Sh. F G Kharshiing DIGP 0364- 2550141 [email protected]
18 Mizoram Sh. Balaji Srivastava DGP 0389- [email protected]
19 Nagaland Sh. Renchamo P Kikon ADGP 0370- 2223897 [email protected]
20 Odisha Sh. Madkar Sandeep SP 0671- 2306071 sp1 [email protected]
21 Punjab Sh. HarcSal Singh Man DIGP 0172-2226 [email protected]
22 Rajasthan Sh. Sharat Kaviraj DIGP 0141- 2740898 sharat kaviraj@rajasthan oovin
23 Sikkim Sh. Sonam Detchu Bhutia DySP 03592- 204297 [email protected]
24 Tamil Nadu Sh. C Sridhar IGP 022- 28512503 [email protected]
25 Telangana Smt Swathi Lakra IGP 040- 23147604 [email protected] in
26 Tripura Sh. Subrata Chakraborty AIGP 0381- 2304344 [email protected] n
27 Uttarakhand Sh Deepam Seth IGP 0135-27121 [email protected]
28 Uttar Pradesh Dr. KaBuri SP Kumar ADGP 0522-22081 ccpsnoida@upstf com
29 West Bengal Sh. Ashok Kumar Pra< IGP 033-247911 [email protected]
30 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Smti. Shalini Singh, IPS IGP (L&O) 03192- 232244 [email protected]
31 Chandigarh Ms. Nilambari Jagadale SSP 0172- 2760001 pssput-chd@nic in
32 Delhi Sh. Prem Nath ACP 011-23490; jtcp-ops- dl@delhipolice gov.in
33 Daman and Diu Sh. Vikramjit Singh SP 0260- 2250942 sp-dmn-dd@nic in
34 Dadra & Nagar Haveli Sh. Manasvi Jain Sh. Sharad B. Darade SP 0260- 2643022 sp-sil-dnh@nic in
35 Puducherry Sh. Dr. VJ Chandran DIGP 0413- 2231386 dig pon@nic in
36 Lakshadweep Sh. Shibesh Singh SSP 04896-252255 [email protected]

Nodal Officer (Cyber Cell) Complaint

State/UT Nodal Cyber Cell Officer and
Grievance Officer Contact Information
S. No State/UT s Nodal Cybercrime Portal
Name Rank Landline E-mail
1 Andhra Pradesh Ms. D Mary Prasanthi SP 0863- 2340063 [email protected]
2 Arunachal Pradesh Sh. Jimmy Chiram SP 0360- 2212471 spcr@arunpol nic.in [email protected]
3 Assam Sh. Debajit Hazarika DIGP 0361- 2529840 digp-cid@assampolice gov in
4 Bihar Sh. D.Amarcase ASP 0612- 2216236 cybercell- [email protected]
5 Chhattisgarh Ms. Manisha Thakur Rawte AIGP 0771- 2511606 [email protected]
6 Goa Sh. Karthik Kashyap SP 0832- 2443082 [email protected] SDevberrcbaoaDolice ciov.in
7 Gujarat Sh. Rajesh Gadhiya Sh. B M Tank SP DSP 079- 23255545 cc-cid@gujarat gov in
8 Haryana Sh. Ashwin Shenvi SP 01733- 253023 [email protected]
9 Himachal Pradesh Sh. Narveer Rathore DSP 0177- 2621331 [email protected]
10 Jammu & Kashmir Sh. Syed Ahfadul-ul-Mujt. IGP 0191-2572′ [email protected]
[email protected]
11 Jharkhand Sh. Sunil Bhaskar Sh. Sumit Prasad SP DSP 0651- 2210058 0651- 2220006 cyberps@jhpolice gov.in
12 Karnataka Sh. Chandra Gupta Sh. S Badrinath SP DSP 080- 22094436 [email protected]
ccps@kar nic.in
13 Kerala Sh. Sreejth IGP 0471- 2319787 [email protected]
cyberpspol@kerala gov.in
14 Madhya Pradesh Sh. Niranjan B Vayangankar Sh. Sudeep Goenka DIGP AIG 0755- 2443483 [email protected]
[email protected]
niranjanvayangankar889@mp police.gov.in
15 Maharashtra Sh. Balsing Rajput SP 022- 22160080 sp.cbr-mah@gov in
16 Manipur Ms. Joyce Lalremmaw SP 0385- 2451501 cidcb-mn@nic in
cybercrimemn@gov in
17 Meghalaya Sh. R. Muthu SP 0364- 2504416 [email protected]
[email protected]
18 Mizoram Sh. Zosanqliana SP 0389- cidcrime-mz@nic in
19 Nagaland Ms. Sonia Singh IGP 0370- 2242712 [email protected]
20 Odisha Sh Sandeep Madkar SP 0671- 2974401 sp1 cidcb.orpol@nic in
21 Punjab Sh. Dhruman Harshandrav Nimbale AIG 0172- 2226258 aigcc@punjabpoice gov in
22 Rajasthan Sh. Pankaj Chaudhary SP 0141- 2740169 [email protected]
23 Sikkim Sh. Prathap Pradhan DIGP 03592- 202087 03592- 204297 [email protected]
24 Tamil Nadu Ms. B Shamoondeswari SP 044- 28512527 spcybercbcid.tnpol@nic in
cbcyber@nic in
25 Telangana Sh. Govind Singh Sh. U Rama Mohan ADGP SP 040- 23242424 adg_cid@tspolice. gov. in [email protected]
26 Tripura Ms.Sarswati R IPS IPS 0381- 2304344 [email protected]
27 Uttarakhand Sh. Barinderjit Singh SSP 0135- 2651689 spstf-uk@nic in [email protected]
28 Uttar Pradesh Sh. Vivek Ranjan DSP 0522- 2721690 [email protected]
29 West Bengal Sh. Rajesh Kumar Yadav DIGP 033- 24792955 ccpvvto@cidwestbengal gov in digcyber@cidwestbengal gov.i n
30 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Sh. Sanjay Kumar IGP (ACU) 03192- 232334 igpint and@nic in
31 Chandigarh Ms. Rashmi Sharma Yadav DSP 0172- 2710046 [email protected]
[email protected]
32 Delhi Sh. Anyesh Roy DCP OH- 23746615 [email protected]
acp. cybercell@delhipolice gov. in
33 Daman and Diu Sh. Vipul Anekant ASP 0260-2254- [email protected]
Sebastian [email protected]
34 Dadra & Nagar Haveli Sh. Manasvi Jain Dy.SP 0260-26321 [email protected]
35 Puducherry Sh. Mahesh kumar Barnwal SSP 0413- 2224083 [email protected]
36 Lakshadweep Sh. Mayank Bansal DSP 04896-262367_

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