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Join Bein Waves {Best Active Team} BeinMall, Plot, Zivitam Join Team

Last updated on June 18th, 2019 at 06:02 pm

Best Team of Bein Waves Distribution Pvt. Ltd. having members in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, M.P and Odisha, Join under the most active team working in Bein Waves. Cusotmer Helpline & Support for Bein Waves Mall, Real estate, Zivitam, University, Production House.

Bein Waves is an upcoming top company to invest. In the annunal meeting on 22 April 2019 held at Agra. The CEO & Founder Mr. Rahul Sharma said that, this is just a beginning and we will fulfil dream of people who are joining our company. The Motto of BeinWaves is very simple “High Energy Level participation is H.E.L.P). The good thing about BeinWaves is that you get weekly payouts. Here, we will upload Bein Waves payment proof, Out team portfolio with active leaders (Silver, Diamond, Bike Winner, Alto Car, Breeza Car winner, Fortuner Car). Joining our team of Bein Waves will surely given you more income (as an incentive of joining other members will) add a bonus in weekly payouts.

Kohinoor Aurum Business Plan

Bein Waves Company Profile

Every investor has one question in mind that, how Bein Waves given 8% money back every month (i.e. 2% per week). So,here we are providing the Bein Waves Company Short Profile. If you have any question or enquiry, kindly ask in the comment section or even you can call our team members.

Bein Waves is a Group of Companies registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. (It is registered, you can check legal documents). Now, BeinWaves is working from last 2 years and very active from July 2018 onwards. Below are few statistics:

  • Company Started: October 2017
  • Total Members Joined: 60,506+ (Till 13 May 2019)
  • Companies/ Business: Bein Waves, Bein Mall, Real Estate Polt, Zivitam, Electronics, Education, Production House etc.
  • Pan India Presence in all states and Union Territories.
  • Established in Dubbing Industry of South Films.
  • Conducted Over 15 Event of Live Celebs Performance.
  • TV Serials, Music Albums and Short Movies
  • Real Estate Presence in more than 11 Cities.
  • Generic Medicine Model Stores.
  • Bien Mall- Online Shopping Portal.
  • Established the world’s first Ageing Process Laboratory.
  • Launch of Innovative Products in Indian as well as International Market.

Bein Waves Bike, Car, Foreign Tours

Here are the total number of Bikes, Car (Alto, Fortuner, Breeza) distributed to the members under the Reward Program for BienWaves Community.

Foreign Tours 5000+
Motor Cycle (Bike) 5000 +
Alto Cars 2000+
Brezza Cars 100 +
Fortuner cars 50+
Audi Cars 10+

Bein Wave Join Plan (New Business Plan)

PARTICIPATION: You Can Participate with as Minimum as 10000/-
Maximum As per your limits in the multiplication of 10000/-
Your Earning: You will get 8% per month up to 25 months. i.e.: 200% of Your Participation Amount.
Total 20,000/- (Rs 1000/- one-time registration fee)

Every time You refer a New Associate, You will be entitled to Get 5% of Direct Referral incentive of Newly Joined Associates joining Amount. You can refer unlimited Associates

Congratulation!!, On your decision to soar sky high with us.

You are now a part of the opportunity of the millennium. Bien Distribution Pvt. Ltd an exciting people business. A business that has the potential to Turn Your dreams into reality. As you build your business, you will establish a lifelong friendship and develope support system unparalleled in any other business.

Bien Distribution Pvt. Ltd is here to H.E.L.P.( High Energy Level participation) you to be successful. We pledge our best effort to provide the level of continuing support necessary to help make you business a total success.

You are in this business for your self ,but by your Fortune. We have developed an effective and proven step by step to help you launch a profitable business of your own. You determine your own level of commitment so you can fit it around your lifestyle personal goals. And the rewards for those who can put forth the effort necessary to build a solid organization, one from which you can potentially benefit for the rest of your life.

The bottom line of Bien Distribution Pvt. Ltd – When you network with us, we all together stand to win and ensure that we effect many hundreds and thousands of lives in a positive manner by spreading the total success attitude.

We are confident that you will get a lot of satisfaction from your involvement with Bien Distribution Pvt. Ltd and we wish you every Success!

Keep it up! See you at the top!

Winning Regards,
Bien Distribution Pvt. Ltd

Future Bein Waves Plans/ Goals

In June 2019, the Bein Waves Company has the following Plan to achieve:

  • 300 Generic stores Pan India
  • Over 100000 Associates
  • Real Estate Presence in up to 25 Cities
  • 4500 Products on Shopping portal including daily needs products
  • Introduce “365 Days Bonanza” For Bien Consumers on Portal
  • Referral Program to Promotes our Generic stores and Shopping portal

Bein Waves Upcoming Events/ Plan Meetings May, June 2019

💥💥 Welcome to RANCHI (JHARKHAND ) 💥💥

Dear Sir/Mam,

You are respectfully invited to most trusted And Fastest Growing Company Bienwaves distribution Pvt. Ltd meeting at *HOTEL APSARA. 🔥

Time & date – 15-05-19(Wednesday) 10.00 PM on words to 4:00 PM
Special Guest
Mr. Firoj Khan Sir (C.E.O.)
Mr. Neeraj Sharma Sir (C.E.O.)
Mr. Jagdish Sir (C.E.O)
Dr. Sameer Sir (Zivitam)

Plan Presenter-Mr. BANTI SHARMA.
(New Dynamic Promotor of JHARKHAND of Bienwaves Group)

Programm Organiser-Mr. NISHANT SHARMA
Contact person –

You are most welcome in the meeting or conference on time

Join Bein Waves Active Team

Most active team of Bein Waves is now accepting online new members joining request. To Join Bein Waves, Kindly fill the below form and our team will contact you.

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raj kumar
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