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JVVNL सण्डरीज/ Fuel Surcharge/LED Charges Explained: JVVNL Electricity Bill Payment Support/ Helpline

Last updated on July 8th, 2019 at 01:09 pm

Jaipur Vidhyut Vitran Nigam Limited (JVVNL) is charging सण्डरीज, FUEL+LED surcharges in the electricity bill (February/ March) bills. In upcoming JVVNL Bills, the consumer may be charged with the LED+Fuel Charges as per the Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) regulation. Actually, fuel surcharge is calculated as Weighted Average Variable Cost of all sources of power purchase during the previous quarter in Rs/kWh divided by Energy sold (metered plus estimated). This amount is multiplied by the previous quarter electricity used. The Fuel+LED charges is paid in two equal installments as available in your electricity bill.

JVVNL अन्य सण्डरीज (Debit/ Credit) Charges

In the latest Electricity bill of JVVNL, the consumers are complaining regarding the wrong bill. In the monthly electricity bill, a new type of Charges “अन्य सण्डरीज” in point 27 (of bill) is charged. We have talked to the JVVNL Customer Care for assistance, they have told that this charge is as per the usage of last 6 months bill. So, there may be less charges as per the load on the Power House. You can also contact to get the complete details. Check this post:-

JVVNL Fuel Charge (Surcharge)

To understand the Jaipur JVVNL Electricity Bill Fuel Surcharge you have to read RERC (Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission) Notification dated 24th February 2014. In this notification (PDF) you can read Clause 88 to understand the Fuel Surcharge, the formula JVVNL is using to calculate quarterly fuel charges.

The Fuel Surcharge (FS) is calculated by using the formula given below. The customer has to pay these fuel charges given in the electricity bill. Also, NOTE that the fuel charge is calculated for a quarter (3 months of electricity units use).

Fuel Surcharge: (C/E) Rs./ kWh

C (in Rs. Lakh) = {(Weighted Average Variable Cost of all sources of power purchase during previous quarter in Rs/kWh – Base Weighted Average Variable Cost of all sources of power purchase as approved under Tariff Order for the year under operation in Rs/kWh) x Corresponding Power Purchase from all sources during previous quarter in LU}
E (in Lakh Units) = Energy sold (metered plus estimated) during the previous quarter.

JVVNL/ AVVNL/ JdVVNL Fuel Surcharge

Recovery of Fuel Surcharge amount for Third Quarter of FY-2018-2019

In exercise of powers conferred under clause 88 of the RERC (Terms & Conditions for Determination of Tariff) Regulation 2014. The Jaipur Discom hereby prescribes the application of Fuel Surcharge at the rate of Rs. 037 per unit (KWh) for the 3* quarter (Qctober 2018 to December 2018) of the financial year 2018-19 recoverable on the consumption of previous quarter for all categories of consumers. This Fuel Surcharge amount shall be recovered in two (2) installments (as per billing cycles) from the consumers.

The above rate has been decided in turn of the order Tariff for Supply of Electricity-2017 and shall be over and above the rate of charge (s) prescribed in the said tariff order.

The CAO (RR&B), Jaipur Discom will work out the amount of fuel surcharge in respect of the subsidized category of consumers for claiming the subsidy from Government of Rajasthan m order to keep effective charging from such consumers remain unchanged.

Example & Fuel Charges Explained

To understand more of fuel surcharges in the electricity bill, here is the example of actual bill and fuel charges.

Bill Month Unit Usage
Sept 2018 (September+October) 2334
Nov 2018 (November+December) 2176

The units in September 2018 is of (Month Sept and October), so we will divide by 2

October Electricity Usage: 2334/ 2= 1167

Electricity Usage for Quater Month (October/ November/ December): 1167+2176=3343 Units

As per the Fuel Surcharge Formula, let’s calculate total fuel charges:- Rs .37×3343= Rs 1236.91

As per the RERC, the fuel charges are paid in two equal installments so, the Fuel Charges will be 618.5 or Rs 619/-

jvvnl fuel led charges

In the above JVVNL Electricity Bill, you can find the LED+FUEL Column (14 Points) of JVVNL is charged with Rs 633.07/- So, it is very close of our calculated Rs 619/-

JVVNL Support & Helpline.

The online portal “BijliMitra” is developed by JVVNL to help the consumer in tracking their electricity usage month wise, pay the electricity bill, file complaint online, apply for the new electricity bill etc.

JVVNL bijlimitra.com Portal Services

  • Bill Payment Online
  • Connection Details
  • Bill History
  • Deposit Details
  • Bill Payments
  • Register Complaint
  • Consumption History
  • My Profile
  • Report Power Failure
  • Door Step Request
  • Consumption Calculator
  • Refund Details
  • Bill Estimation
  • Load/Demand Change
  • Name Change
  • Tariff Change
  • Disconnection Req.
  • New Connection
  • Online Payment
  • Register Application
  • Track Application
  • Notifications
  • Documents
    Payment Hist

Toll-Free Number: 1800-180-1607, 1800-180-6507

What type of complaints you can register on the toll-free or BijliMitra JVVNL Portal:

Using the online website of BijliMitra or Complaint Toll-free number 1800-180-6507 you can get help for the following problems.

  • Harassment By Discom Official
  • Other Technical
  • No Current Complaint
  • Transformer Burnt
  • Safety Related
  • Theft Information
  • Meter Related
  • Bill Related
  • Service Line Related
  • On Door Connection Request
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