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Kohinoor Aurum Plan (BeinWaves Business) – Complete Details

Kohinoor Aurum is new Business launched by BienWaves Distribution Pvt. Limited. The launch date is not available but the existing customer of BienWaves has now option to migrate to new Plan or get the final settlement cheque before 30 June 2019. The Kohinoor Aurum Business Plan is based on the Jewelry (Gold and Diamond) purchase. There were payment delay issue in BienWaves and notice was circulated on WhatsApp that there is technical problem and payment are on hold till 10 July 2019. Here, you can check complete new PLAN (PDF) of Kohinoor Aurum. Joining dates, website and contact information shall be available soon. The registered office is now in Noida.

Growing Demand: Increasing disposable income of the middle class is driving the demand for the sector. In 2017, India was the second largest consumer of gold in the world.
Increasing Investment: Sector is advancing in investments supported by increasing expansion of domestic companies
Policy Support: Gold Monetisation Scheme enables individuals, trusts and mutual funds to deposit gold with banks and earn interest on the same in return
Attractive Opportunities: India’s cut and polished diamonds exports are increasing at a fast pace reaching US$ 23.73 billion in FY18, accounting for the highest share in gems and jewelry exports.

Why choose Kohinoor Aurum

  • Hallmark gold Lab.
  • Certified Diamond
  • Cashback Offer
  • Promotional Incentives
  • Rewards

Jwellery Products

  1. Pendants
  2. Rings
  3. Necklace
  4. Earrings
  5. Diamond Set

Kohinoor Aurum Plans

Below are the new plans of Kohinoor Aurum Sale Packages.

Package BV Cash Back Time
13000 10000 200% 24 Month
26000 20000 200% 24 Month
f 51000 40000 200% 22 Month
120000 100000 200% 22 Month
235000 200000 200% 20 Month
600000 500000 200% 20 Month
1150000 1000000 200% 18 month

Promotional Bonus

  • Direct Sales Incentive
  • Team Sales Incentive
  • Group Build Level Incentive
  • Team Performance Bonus
  • Rewards
  • Performance Base Royalty

Team Sales Incentives

Level Incentive %age
Level 1 2% upto 20 months
Level 2-3 1% upto 20 months
Level 4-7 .50% upto 20 months
Level 8-11 .25% upto 20 months
Level 12-16 .20% upto 20 months
Level 17-28 .15% upto 20 months
Level 29-30 .10% upto 20 months

Rewards (for Achieving sales Targets)

Rank Target Rewards
Silver 6 Lakh Tab. With Co. Presentation
Gold 15 Lakh Foreign Trip
Platinum 45 Lakh Bike Fund
Pearl 1.25 Crore Kwid
Ruby 3 Crore Brezza
Sapphire 9 Crore Fortuner
Diamond 20 Crore Audi

Performance Base Corporate Recognition

Star        3 Direct/50000 BV  15 Days LDP with CMD Meet
Super Star 2 Star/1.5 Lakh BV 30 Days Hill station LDP
Leader 2 Super Star/1 Star 60 Days LDP & Marketing Kit
Mentor 2 Leader/1 S. Star 90 Days LDP in Foreign
Promoter 2 Mentor/ 1 Leader 150 Days 1% of Group T.O.
CEO 2Promoter/1 Mentor 200 Days 2% of Group T.O.
Director 2 CEO/ 1Promoter 300 Days 2.5% of Group T.O.
Vice President 2 Directors 365 Days 1% of Co. T.O.

Kohinoor Aurum Trade world Pvt. Ltd.

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raj kumar
raj kumar
21 June 2019 5:23 PM

what will happen to the investor who have already engaged with bein waves business

21 June 2019 10:53 PM
Reply to  Vikash

The senior has no information about the business he has not assured anything my team members are asking for settlement of their respective . I have written mail to the majl id procided on our website but not received any feedback

10 July 2019 5:26 PM
Reply to  Vikash

no updates from your side on dated 10/07/2019. do we consider our hard earned money is gone.

14 July 2019 4:27 PM
Reply to  raj

it seems company is involved in fraudent activities and it has no intentions for payout .

Suhail khan
Suhail khan
5 July 2019 11:41 AM

Dear sir from last 15 days I m contacting bein waves office but the phn no’s is not answerable…. Would like to know that from 10 July onwards do we receive our pending payments….. Waiting for your response on this….

2 January 2020 12:35 PM
Reply to  Suhail khan

You got payment?

2 January 2020 12:37 PM

What happened going on ?
My payment not receiving from 6 months yet. What will we do?

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