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My Fastag – Complaint, – Issue with Toll Plaza, Lane Issue, Recharge ICICI, Axis Bank

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has created a system to handle Toll Charges as cashless. This system is called National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC). According to the statistics available at NPCI website, NETC (FASTag) was first used in November 2016 with only 107801 TAG Insurance. The latest sales of FASTag is – total supported banks is 22, total FASTag issue: 3583989, transaction: 21.22 million and total toll collected using RFID FASTag is 466.83 Crore in the month of November 2018.

NPCI has developed FASTag. This device is based on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the prepaid or savings account linked to it. The FASTag (RFID Tag) is affixed on the windscreen of the car/ truck/ bus or any vehicle. Using the RFID technology the Toll amount is directly debited from the customer FASTag balance.

FASTag offers the convenience of cashless payment along with benefits like – savings on fuel and time as the customer does not has to stop at the toll plaza.

GET FASTag Sticker/ RFID Online

To get FASTag Online, you have to visit any FASTag Issuer Bank

Following are the Banks that offers FASTag. You can visit the Bank website and register for FASTag Sticker online. FASTag can be obtained at Bank Point of Sale (POS), Petrol Pumps, or at the Toll-Plaza. To get the FASTag, you have to carry CAR RC, Aadhaar Card number etc.

National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) initiative rolled out by NPCI under the guidelines of NHAI and IHMCL

Benefits of FASTag

Following are the main benefits of FASTag.

  1. Over 415+ Toll Plaza Support: As per the NPCI statistics total 415+ Toll Plaza is now supporting the FASTag system/
  2. Separate Toll Lane: There is separate Lane exclusively for the FASTag vehicle. So, there is no need to be in the queue.
  3. Cashless payment: FASTag users don’t need to carry cash for toll transactions, and don’t need to worry about collecting the exact change.
  4. Promotional cashback: All FASTag users get a monthly cashback of 5% of toll transactions for FY 2018-19.
  5. Faster transit: Auto-debit of exact amount through the FASTag enables faster transit through the toll plazas and saves time
  6. Online recharge: FASTag can be recharged online through Credit Card / Debit Card / NEFT/ RTGS or Net banking
  7. SMS alerts: Instant SMS alerts on the registered mobile number for toll transactions, low balance, etc.

Validity of FASTag

The FASTag obtained is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. All you need to recharge the FASTag ID (Prepaid) and use it for the Toll Payments. If the FASTag is damaged before the 5 years. You have to obtain new FASTag after paying the convenience fee and the FASTag charges.

  • The FASTag is not transferable. i.e. The FASag assigned to one vehicle can’t be used on another vehicles.
    There is no private agency to issue FASTag.
    You have to keep the FASTag ID funded before approaching the Toll Plaza, otherwise, you have to pay the toll-fee in CASH.
Sr. No. Member Banks Issuer Acquirer
1 Axis Bank Ltd Yes Yes
2 Bank of Baroda Yes
3 City Union Bank Ltd Yes
5 Federal Bank Yes
6 FINO Payments Bank Yes
7 HDFC Bank Yes Yes
8 ICICI Bank Yes Yes
9 IDFC Bank Yes Yes
10 IndusInd Bank Yes
11 Karur Vysya Bank Yes Yes
12 Kotak Mahindra Bank Yes
13 PAYTM Bank Yes Yes
14 Punjab Maharashtra Bank Yes
15 Punjab National Bank Yes Yes
16 Saraswat Bank Yes
17 South Indian Bank Yes
18 State Bank of India Yes Yes
19 Syndicate Bank Yes
20 Union Bank of India Yes
21 Yes Bank Ltd. Yes

List of FASTag Tolls (Supported Toll Plaza)

Below is the latest Toll Plaza list (National Highway, State Highway) that support NPCI FASTag system. The FASTag sticker are also available on these major toll plaza. Any Dispute, problem with the RFID FASTag occur at the toll plaza is resolved by the administration of TOLL PLAZA.

The complaint can be registered to the NPCI for the same.

Plaza Code Concessionaire Plaza Name RO
001002 L&T L&T Vadodra Gandhinagar
002001 IRB IRB Boriach Gandhinagar
002002 IRB IRB Charoti Gandhinagar
002003 IRB IRB Bhagwada Gandhinagar
002004 IRB IRB Choryasi Gandhinagar
002005 AVBOT(IRB) Ahmedabad Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
002006 AVBOT(IRB) Ahmedabad (Ring Road)
Toll Plaza
002007 AVBOT(IRB) Nadiad Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
002008 AVBOT(IRB) Anand Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
002009 AVBOT(IRB) Vadodara Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
002011 IRB Kheda Gandhinagar
002012 IRB Vasad Gandhinagar
006001 Soma Gegal Jaipur
006002 Soma Pipalaz Jaipur
007001 Millinieum CityÂ
Manesar Toll Plaza Delhi
007002 Millinieum CityÂ
IGI Toll Plaza Delhi
008001 GVK Jaipur Plaza Jaipur
008002 GVK Kishangarh Plaza Jaipur
009001 Pink City Expressway Shahjahanpur Toll Plaza Jaipur
009002 Pink City Expressway Manoharpura Toll plaza Jaipur
009003 Pink City Expressway Daulatpura Toll Plaza Jaipur
010001 NHAI Kavalias Toll Plaza Jaipur
010002 NHAI JojroKaKheda Toll Plaza Jaipur
010003 NHAI Rithola Toll Plaza Jaipur
010004 NHAI Narayanpura Toll Plaza Jaipur
010005 NHAI Paduna Toll Plaza Jaipur
010006 NHAI KhandiObri Toll Plaza Jaipur
010007 NHAI Vantada Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
010008 NHAI Kathpur Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
013001 NHAI SriPerumbadur Chennai
013002 NHAI Chennasamaduram Chennai
014001 GMR Ambala Chandigarh Chandigarh
015001 GMR Pantangi Hyderabad
015002 GMR Koralaphad Hyderabad
015003 GMR Chillakallu Hyderabad
016001 GMR Vanagiri Bangalore
016002 GMR Shahapur Bangalore
016003 GMR Hitnal Bangalore
017001 IRB TCBOT Karjeevanhally Toll Plaza Bangalore
017002 IRB TCBOT Guilalu Toll Plaza Bangalore
018001 Ulundurpet Expressway(IDFC) Vikkravandi Toll Plaza Chennai
019001 TrichyTollways Pvt Ltd SENGURICHI TOLL PLAZA Chennai
019002 TrichyTollways Pvt Ltd THIRUMANDURAI
021001 MEP Infra Projects Amakthadu toll plaza Hyderabad
021002 MEP Infra Projects Kasepalli toll plaza Hyderabad
021003 MEP Infra Projects Marur toll plaza Hyderabad
022001 Raima Toll Road(MEP) Kappalur Chennai
022002 Raima Toll Road(MEP) Etturvattam Chennai
022003 Raima Toll Road(MEP) Salaipudur Chennai
022004 Raima Toll Road(MEP) Nanguneri Chennai
023001 IRB Nandgaon Toll Plaza Nagpur
024001 Oriental MANSAR TOLL PLAZA Nagpur
024002 Oriental KAMPTEE KANHAN
024003 Oriental NAGPUR BYPASS
024004 Oriental BORKHEDI TOLL PLAZA Nagpur
025001 Oriental Karanja Toll Plaza Nagpur
026001 Oriental Korai Toll Plaza Jaipur
027001 Oriental Khalghat Toll Plaza Bhopal
028001 Oriental Barajore toll plaza Lucknow
028002 Oriental Anantram Toll Plaza Lucknow
029001 ILFS Laxamannath Plaza Kolkata
029002 ILFS Rampura Plaza Kolkata
031001 IRB Barkheda Toll Plaza Jaipur
031002 IRB Sonwa Toll Plaza Jaipur
032001 IRB Omalur Toll Plaza Chennai
033001 Soma Isolux Daffi Toll Plaza Lucknow
033002 SOMA Mohania Toll Plaza Patna
033003 SOMA Sasaram Toll Plaza Patna
034001 Jadcherla Expressways Pvt. Ltd Raikal Toll Plaza Hyderabad
035001 Gaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd ELECTRONICÂ
CITY Phase 1
035002 BETL ATTIBELLE Bangalore
036001 InduNavayuga Samayapuram Toll Plaza Chennai
037001 Eagle Infra Boothakudi Chennai
037002 Eagle Infra Chittampatti Chennai
038001 Essel Infra Pithai Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
038002 Essel Infra Vavadi Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
039001 L&T L&T PANIPAT Chandigarh
040001 IRB Khaniwade Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
041001 IVRCL JATL Dhilwan Toll Plaza Chandigarh
041002 IVRCL JATL Nijjerpura Toll Plaza Chandigarh
042001 IVRCL Vijayamangalam Toll Plaza Chennai
043001 IVRCL Vaiguntham Toll Plaza Chennai
044002 MSRDCL Kini Toll Plaza Mumbai
045001 Sadbhav Guduru Toll Plaza Hyderabad
046001 Sadbhav Bijapur Toll Plaza Bangalore
046002 Sadbhav Nagarhalla Toll Plaza Bangalore
047001 Reliance Tatiawas Toll Plaza Jaipur
Sullurpet Plaza (NH- 16),
(old NH-5)
Budhanam Plaza (NH- 16),
(old NH-5)
Nellore Plaza (NH- 16),
(old NH-5)
Keesara Plaza (NH-65),
(old NH-9)
049001 IJM Kaza Toll Plaza Mangalgiri Hyderabad
050001 Moradabad Bareilly
Expressway Limited
Toll Plaza
050002 Moradabad Bareilly
Expressway Limited
ThiriyaKhetal Toll Plaza Lucknow
051001 ILFS & ITNL Sawaleshwar Toll Plaza Mumbai
051002 ILFS & ITNL Varwade Toll Plaza Mumbai
052001 ILFS Pithadiya Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
052002 ILFS Bharudi Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
053001 Atlanata Infra Gondkhairi Plaza Nagpur
054001 TRIL Patas Plaza Mumbai
054002 TRIL Sardewadi Plaza Mumbai
055001 Reliance – TDTRL Ponnambalapatti Plaza Chennai
056001 Reliance TN -DSTRL Kozhinjiipatti Plaza Chennai
057001 Reliance – NKTRL Rasampalayam Plaza Chennai
058001 Reliance – SUTRL Mettupatti Plaza Chennai
058002 Reliance  – SUTRL Nathakkarai Plaza Chennai
058003 Reliance  – SUTRL Veeracholapuram Plaza Chennai
059001 Reliance – TKTRL Thiruparaithurai Plaza Chennai
059002 Reliance -TKTRL Manavasi Plaza Chennai
060001 Reliance-HKTRL Krishnagiri Plaza Chennai
061001 Reliance-PSTRL Anewadi Toll Plaza Mumbai
061002 Reliance-PSTRL Khed-Shivapur Toll Plaza Mumbai
062001 Reliance-DATRL Srinagar Toll Plaza Lucknow
062002 Reliance-DATRL Mahuvan Toll Plaza Lucknow
063001 BGTL Tollway Limited Bhatwada Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
063101 NHAI Bellupada Hyderabad
064001 NHAI Saukala Toll Plaza Ranchi
065001 NHAI Madapam Hyderabad
066001 NHAI Chilakpelam Hyderabad
067001 NHAI Nathavalasa Hyderabad
068001 NHAI Agnampadi Hyderabad
069001 NHAI Vempadu Hyderabad
070001 NHAI Krishnavaram Hyderabad
072001 NHAI Kalaparru Hyderabad
072002 NHAI Pottipadu Hyderabad
073001 KMC and BSCPL
Infrastructure Ltd
Bollapalli Toll Plaza Hyderabad
073002 KMC and BSCPL
Infrastructure Ltd
Tangatur Toll Plaza Hyderabad
073003 KMC and BSCPL
Infrastructure Ltd
Musunur Toll Plaza Hyderabad
074001 NHAI Pippalwada Hyderabad
075001 NHAI Rolmamda Hyderabad
076001 NHAI Gamjal Hyderabad
077001 NHAI Manoharabad Hyderabad
078001 Navayuga Indalwai Hyderabad
079001 L&T Sakapur Toll plaza Hyderabad
080001 NHAI Pullur Hyderabad
081001 NHAI Panchvati Colony
(Vishakapatnam Port
082001 NHAI Goshtani Gate of Navy
(Vishakapatnam Port
084001 SMS Hariabara Patna
085001 SMS Asanpur  Toll Plaza Patna
087001 SMS Maithi Patna
088001 NHAI ParsoniKhem Patna
090001 NHAI Maranga Patna
090002 NHAI Kharik Patna
091001 M/s SMS Shivnath Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Durg Bypass Nagpur
092001 AshokaBuildcon Thakurtolla toll plaza Nagpur
094001 NHAI KHEMANA TOLL PLAZA Gandhinagar
095001 PATEL HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. Varahi Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
095002 PATEL HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. Makhel Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
095003 PATEL HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. Bhiladi Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
095004 PATEL HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. Bhalgam Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
096001 NHAI Surajbari Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
097001 NHAI Vaghasiya Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
098001 NHAI Vanana Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
099001 NHAI Dhumiyani Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
100001 L&T Samakhiali Gandhinagar
103001 Kurukshetra Expressways Limited JatGangaicha Toll Plaza Chandigarh
103002 Kurukshetra Expressways Limited Dighal Toll Plaza Chandigarh
104001 SADBHAV MakrauliKalan Toll Plaza Chandigarh
104002 Sadbhav Dahar Toll Plaza Chandigarh
107001 NHAI RasoiyaDhamna Toll Plaza Ranchi
107002 NHAI Ghanghri Toll Plaza Ranchi
109001 NHAI Kognoli Bangalore
110001 NHAI Hattargi Bangalore
111001 AshokaBuildcon Hirebgewadi toll plaza Bangalore
112001 NHAI Bankapur Bangalore
113001 NHAI Chalageri Bangalore
114001 NHAI Hebbalu Bangalore
115001 (NeelmanglaTumkur) JassTollways Kulumapalya toll plaza Bangalore
115002 (NeelmanglaTumkur) JassTollways Chokkenahalli toll plaza Bangalore
116001 NavayugaBengalooruTollway Pvt Ltd Plaza 1 Km 14+825 Bangalore
116003 Navayuga Devanahalli Toll Plaza Bangalore
117001 NHAI Bagepalli Toll Plaza Bangalore
118001 LANCO DEVANHALI TOLLWAY LTD Nelamangala Toll Plaza Bangalore
118002 LANCO DEVANHALI TOLLWAY LTD Bellur Toll Plaza Bangalore
119001 LANCO HOSKOTE TOLLWAY LTD Hoskote Toll Plaza Bangalore
119002 LANCO HOSKOTE TOLLWAY LTD Mulbagal Toll Plaza Bangalore
120001 L&T Shantigrama  Toll Plaza Bangalore
120002 L&T Kadabhalli (Kirasave) Toll Plaza Bangalore
121001 NHAI Brahamarakotlu Bangalore
123001 Guruvayoor Paliyekkara Toll plaza Thiruvanantapuram
124001 Kochi ArorTollways Kumbalam Toll Plaza Thiruvanantapuram
125002 Agra Gwalior Pathways Choundha Bhopal
125003 Agra Gwalior Pathways Baretha or Jajau Bhopal
126001 Path Mehra Bhopal
127001 DPJ DRA Tollways Malthone Bhopal
127002 DPJ DRA Tollways Chitora Bhopal
127003 DPJ DRA Tollways Titarpani Bhopal
127004 DPJ DRA Tollways Bakori Bhopal
128001 NHAI Allonia Bhopal
129001 Jhansi Baran Pathways Ramnagar Bhopal
129002 Jhansi Baran Pathways Raksha Bhopal
130001 Guna Infra Guna Bhopal
131001 KhalghatSendhwaTollways Pvt Ltd Jamli Toll Pllaza Bhopal
132001 Indore DewasTollways IDTL Toll Plaza-A Bhopal
132002 Indore DewasTollways IDTL Toll Plaza-B Bhopal
134001 NHAI Kelapur Nagpur
134002 Anuj Kumar Aggarwal Daroada Nagpur
137001 JMC Mathni Nagpur
138001 AshokaBuildcon Sendurwafa toll plaza Nagpur
139001 DPTL Shirpur Nagpur
139002 DPTL Songir Nagpur
140001 Ircon Soma Chandwad toll plaza Mumbai
140002 Ircon Soma Laling toll plaza Mumbai
141001 NHAI Baswant  Toll Plaza Mumbai
142001 Gammon India Ghoti toll plaza Mumbai
142002 Gammon India Arjunalli toll plaza Mumbai
146001 NHAI SERGARH TOLL PLAZA Bhubneshwar
148001 Shree Jagannath Expressway Pvt Ltd. Manguli Toll Plaza Bhubneshwar
149001 NHAI Gudipada or Gangapada Toll Plaza Bhubneshwar
150001 NHAI Gurapali Bhubneshwar
151001 AshokaBuildcon SambalpurBaragarhTollways Bhubneshwar
152001 NHAI Srirampur toll plaza Bhubneshwar
154001 Soma Isolux NH One TollwayPvt. Ltd. Gharonda Toll Plaza Chandigarh
154002 Soma Isolux NH One TollwayPvt. Ltd. Sambhu Toll Plaza Chandigarh
154003 Soma Isolux NH One TollwayPvt. Ltd. Ladowal Toll Plaza Chandigarh
155001 JP Infra Chandimandir Toll Plaza Chandigarh
156001 NHAI Chiddan Toll Plaza Chandigarh
157001 BSC BSC-C&C Kurali Toll Plaza Chandigarh
158001 NHAI HarsaMansar Toll Plaza Chandigarh
159001 NHAI Chollang Toll Plaza Chandigarh
160001 M/S Kota Baran Toll Ways Similiya Jaipur
160002 M/S Kota Baran Toll Ways Fatehpur Jaipur
161001 Chittorgarh Kota Toll Ways Bassi Jaipur
161002 Chittorgarh Kota Toll Ways Aroli Jaipur
161003 Chittorgarh Kota Toll Ways Dhaneshwar Jaipur
162001 Udaipur Pathways Malera Jaipur
162002 Udaipur Pathways Gogunda Jaipur
163001 M/s Madhucon House Agra – Jaipur Expressways Ltd. Ludhwai Toll Plaza Jaipur
163002 M/s Madhucon House Agra – Jaipur Expressways Ltd. Amoli Toll Plaza Jaipur
165001 Jhansi Baran Pathways Mundiyar Bhopal
166001 NHAI Akhepura Jaipur
167001 L&T KrishnagiriWalajahpetTollway Limited Vaniyambadi Toll Plaza Chennai
167002 L&T KrishnagiriWalajahpetTollway Limited Pallikonda Toll Plaza Chennai
168001 L&T Chennai Tada Tollway Limited Nallur Toll Plaza Chennai
169001 L&T L&T KrishnagiriThopur
Toll Plaza
170001 Madhucon Infra Velanchettiyur Chennai
173001 NHAI Paranur Chennai
174001 NHAI Athur Chennai
176001 Madhucon Infra Valvanthankottai Chennai
176002 Madhucon Infra Elliyarpathy Chennai
176003 Madhucon Infra Pudurpandiyapuram Chennai
177001 Pondicherry Tollways Pondicherry Tindivanam
Toll Plaza
178001 NHAI Lembalakudi Chennai
178002 NHAI Lechchumanapatti Chennai
180001 IRB Tundla Toll Plaza Lucknow
180002 IRB Gurau (Formerly
SemraAtikabad) Toll Plaza
181001 Sh. Keshav Agarwal Babina Toll Plaza Lucknow
181002 M/s Balaji Enterprises Vighakhet Toll Plaza Lucknow
182001 M/s Gorakhpur KasiaTollways Pvt Ltd. Salemgarh Toll Plaza Lucknow
183001 M/s Gorakhpur KasiaTollways Pvt Ltd. MuzainaHetim Toll Plaza Lucknow
184001 M/s Gorakhpur KasiaTollways Pvt Ltd. Tendua Toll Plaza Lucknow
185001 Ayodhya Gorakhpur SMS Toll Pvt. Ltd. (AGSTPL) Chaukadi Toll Plaza Lucknow
186001 Ayodhya Gorakhpur SMS Toll Pvt. Ltd. (AGSTPL) Mandawnagar Toll Plaza Lucknow
187001 PNC Kanpur-AyodhyaTollwaysPvt. Ltd. Nawabganj Toll Plaza Lucknow
187002 PNC Kanpur-AyodhyaTollwaysPvt. Ltd. Ahmadpur Toll Plaza Lucknow
187003 PNC Kanpur-AyodhyaTollwaysPvt. Ltd. Ronahi Toll Plaza Lucknow
188001 M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd Chamari Toll Plaza Lucknow
189001 M/s Welcome Infra AIT Toll Plaza Lucknow
190001 M/s BhargavendraNathUpadhyaya SEMRI Toll Plaza Lucknow
191001 M/s Adycon Infrastructures Pvt Ltd Dasna Toll plaza Lucknow
192001 M/s BholanathRajpati Shukla Naini Toll Plaza Lucknow
193001 Gaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd Brijghat Toll Plaza Lucknow
194001 M/s BholanathRajpati Shukla Joya Toll Plaza Lucknow
196001 LucknowSitapur Expressways Limited Itaunja Toll Plaza Lucknow
197001 LucknowSitapur Expressways Limited Khairabad Toll Plaza Lucknow
198001 M/s BholanathRajpati Shukla Katoghan  Toll Plaza Lucknow
199001 Allahabad Bypass Pathways Pvt. Ltd. (M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd.) KOKHRAJ (Sirohi) Toll Plaza Lucknow
199002 Allahabad Bypass Pathways Pvt. Ltd. (M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd.) HANDIYA (Sujala ) Toll Plaza Lucknow
199003 Allahabad Bypass Pathways Pvt. Ltd. (M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd.) Nawabganj Toll Plaza Lucknow
199004 Allahabad Bypass Pathways Pvt. Ltd. (M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd.) SORAON Toll Plaza Lucknow
199005 Allahabad Bypass Pathways Pvt. Ltd. (M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd.) SAHSON Toll Plaza Lucknow
200001 M/s BholanathRajpati Shukla Lalanagar Toll Plaza Lucknow
201001 Brijbhoomi Expressway Pvt. Ltd. Madrak Toll Plaza Lucknow
201002 Brijbhoomi Expressway Pvt. Ltd. Baros Toll Plaza Lucknow
202001 M/s Sahkar Global Badauri Toll Plaza Lucknow
203001 NHAI Palsit Kolkata
203002 NHAI Dankuni Kolkata
204001 Second Vivekananda Bridge Tollway Company Private Limited Rajchandrapur Toll Plaza Kolkata
205001 AshokaBuildcon Jaladhulagori toll plaza Kolkata
205002 AshokaBuildcon Debra toll plaza Kolkata
206001 NHAI PaschimMadati Kolkata
207001 NHAI Surjapur Kolkata
208001 NHAI Sonapetya Kolkata
209001 M/s IL&FS Beliyad toll plaza Kolkata
210001 Barahmpur-FarakkaTollwayPvt. Ltd. Chandermore Plaza Kolkata
210002 Barahmpur-FarakkaTollwayPvt. Ltd. Shibpur Plaza Kolkata
211001 NHAI Barsoni Toll Plaza Patna
212001 NHAI Laxmipuram Hyderabad
213001 JetpurSomnathTollways Private Limited Gadoi  Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
213002 JetpurSomnathTollways Private Limited Dari  Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
214001 Oriental Nagpur Betul Highway Pvt ltd Khambara Toll Plaza Nagpur
214002 Oriental Nagpur Betul Highway Pvt ltd Milanpur Toll Plaza Nagpur
215001 PNC Kanpur Highways Ltd. Aliyapur Toll Plaza Lucknow
215002 PNC Kanpur Highways Ltd. Khanna Toll Plaza Lucknow
216001 Western UP Tollway Ltd. Sivaya Toll Plaza Lucknow
217001 Soma IsoluxSuratHaziraTollwayPvt. Ltd. Bhatia  Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
217002 Soma IsoluxSuratHaziraTollwayPvt. Ltd. Mandal Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
218001 Arya Toll Infra Limited DakhinaShekpur Toll Plaza Lucknow
219001 Reliance Mokha Toll Plaza Gandhinagar
220001 L&T Raipur Jaipur
220002 L&T Indranagar Jaipur
220003 L&T BIRAMI Jaipur
220004 L&T UTHMAN Jaipur
230001 IVRCL IVRCL Chengapally
Tollways Limited
231001 NHAI Methoon Toll Plaza Jaipur
232001 Bhubaneswar Expressway Pvt. Ltd Pipili Toll Plaza Bhubneshwar
233001 GVK Kishorepura Toll Plaza Jaipur
234001 Rayalasema Expressway Private Limited Palempalli Toll Plaza Hyderabad
234002 Rayalasema Expressway Private Limited Chagalmarri Toll Plaza Hyderabad
235001 Shreenathji Udaipur Tollway Pvt Ltd Mandawara Toll Plaza Jaipur
235002 Shreenathji Udaipur Tollway Pvt Ltd Negadiya Toll Plaza Jaipur
238001 NHAI Chikhalikala Bhopal
238002 NHAI Fulara Bhopal
238003 NHAI Jungawani Bhopal
238004 NHAI Jaitpur Bhopal
239001 NHAI Kelwad Bhopal
239100 Gaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd LUHARLI Toll plaza lucknow
239101 Gaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd GABHANA Tollplaza Lucknow
239200 Transtroy S.V Puram Toll Plaza Chennai
239201 Transtroy Pattarai Toll Plaza Chennai
239300 NHAI Unguturu Toll Plaza Hyderabad
239301 NHAI Eethakota at Km.946.300 Hyderabad
239400 West Haryana Highways Project Pvt. Ltd. Rohad Toll Plaza Chandigarh
239500 NHAI Surathkal Toll Plaza Bangalore
239700 KNR WalayarTollways Pvt Ltd PamPamPallam Toll Plaza Thiruvanantapuram
239800 NHAI Balgudar Toll Plaza Patna
239900 SMS Raje Toll Plaza (T-2) Patna
240000 NHAI Patanswangi Toll Plaza Mumbai
241200 NHAI Bhiknoor Toll Plaza Hyderabad
241300 NHAI RunniShaidpur Toll Plaza Patna
241400 NHAI Guabari Toll Plaza Kolkata
241601 Badarpur Faridabad Tollway ltd Badarpurfaridabad  Toll plaza
241700 BSCPL AurangTollway Limited Chhuhipali Toll Plaza Chattisgarh
241701 BSCPL AurangTollway Limited Dhank Toll Plaza Chattisgarh
241800 Khalatkaar Constructions Nuruddinpur toll plaza
241801 VinayendranathUpadhyay Kunwarpur
241900 Raipur Expressways Limited Lakholi Toll Plaza Chhattisgarh
TBD RohtakHissarTollway Private Limited/ Madina Toll Plaza Chandigarh
TBD RohtakHissarTollway Private Limited/ Mayar Toll Plaza Chandigarh
TBD BhilwaraRajsamandTollway Private Limited Rupakheda Toll Plaza Ahmedabad
TBD BhilwaraRajsamandTollway Private Limited Mujras Toll Plaza Ahmedabad

FASTag Charges/ Plans

To get the new FASTag, following table contains the minimum charge, refundable security deposit, plans as per the vehicle.

FASTag has a onetime Fee of Rs. 200 + service tax. The refundable security deposit depends on the vehicle type.

Charges applicable on Axis FASTag:

Particulars Amount (Rs.)
Tag joining fee* 200

One – time Tag Deposit amount (Refundable):

Vehicle Class Description Tag Deposit (Rs.) Threshold Amount (Rs.)
1 Two wheeler 100.00 100.00
2 Three – Wheeler Passenger 350.00 150.00
3 Three – wheeler Freight 350.00 150.00
4 Car/Jeep/Van 200.00 100.00
5 Light Commercial vehicle 2-axle 300.00 140.00
6 Light Commercial vehicle 3-axle 300.00 140.00
7 Bus 2-axle 400.00 300.00
8 Bus 3-axle 400.00 300.00
9 Mini-Bus 400.00 300.00
10 Truck 2 – axle 400.00 300.00
11 Truck 3 – axle 500.00 300.00
12 Truck 4 – axle 500.00 300.00
13 Truck 5 – axle 500.00 300.00
14 Truck 6 – axle 500.00 300.00
15 Truck Multi axle ( 7 and above) 500.00 300.00
16 Earth Moving Machinery 500.00 300.00
17 Heavy Construction machinery 500.00 300.00
18 Tractor 500.00 300.00
19 Tractor with trailer 500.00 300.00
20 Tata Ace and Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle 200.00 100.00

Please note:

  • *Service tax will be levied on all the prescribed fees & charges at the applicable rates.
  • Convenience fee will be applicable for online recharge.
  • Threshold amount is the minimum recharge amount to be done at the time of tag activation.
  • Toll amount will be deducted as per the applicable amount, depending on the vehicle class and the plaza used. Charges mentioned above are subject to change.
  • The above mentioned tag deposit rates would be applicable as per your vehicle class and will be refunded to you at the time of FASTag account closure.

FAQ – FASTag Use & Complaints

(a) Toll Plaza FASTag system (RFIC) is not working? What should I do?
Ans: If you have FASTag ID and it is funded with the amount and the toll plaza ETC system is down/ not working then you have to pay the toll charges in cash or by Paytm or any other mode.

(b) Home near Toll-Plaza
Answer: If you stay near the toll-plaza and want to get a discount. Kindly visit the Toll-Plaza administration ad submit the residential proff. You will get the concession as per the rules.

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7 May 2019 7:13 PM

Account No:
> 625101512821 with ICICI BANK
>Mobile No:94xxx87
Dear all
>We have downloaded MyFASTag App and done three transactions today
None of them have ended in our recharge of MyFASTag When we contacted the customer care they informed not to use this app
As such we request you to reverse the debits of Rs.500, 100, 100 done today and credit to our savings account mentioned above

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