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SBI Secure OTP App Complaints: SBI Offline/ Online OTP Generation Customer Support Number

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State Bank Secure OTP App is very useful for the SBI INB transaction. INB stands for Internet Banking (Online SBI).  The SBI Secure OTP App is available for Android, iPhone, Wind and Blackberry Smartphones. State Bank Secure OTP App is only for the SBI Customers. So, if you have Saving/ Current account in SBI then you can use and install official SBI Secure OTP Mobile App. The customer-facing difficulty in using/ not getting OTP message or login issue, new phone, mobile lost helpline is available 24×7 at SBI Yono LITE App or Call on the Customer Care Support Toll-free number.

SBI Secure OTP App Online Complaint & Support

The latest version of State Bank Secure OTP is 2.0.0 released on 28 January 2019. To update SBI OTP App, you have to visit Google Play Store, iTunes, Windows App Store and search for “SBI Secure OTP” now, click on UPDATE. This will update your existing SBI OTP SMS App. According to the user reviews, an average rating of 3.1 out of 5 points by 9,574 customers. This App has been downloaded/ installed in approx 1million+ users. To register a complaint or contact the customer care support team. You have to ready with the bank account number and KYC details.  Following are the major issue in SBI Secure OTP App.

  1. Problem in the registration process, OTP SMS is not getting.
  2. Transaction failed due to the OTP not generated. Kindly check SBI Secure OTP App for the SMS.
  3. Offline OTP facility is not there: In the current version of SBI Secure OTP App, the Offline OTP service is missing.
  4. After updating this app, registration/ login issue.
  5. Online OTP Option is missing
  6. Authentication is failed issue in State Bank OTP App.
  7. De-register to State SBI OTP is not possible. Error.
  8. Technical Error, Network Issue.
  9. I am not able to do any transactions
  10. I am unable to click/select “online OTP” in the app
  12. Register/logging the SBI Secure OTP app with my INB User ID and password, “sorry unable to process” message is coming.

etc. are some of the customers reported issues at Google Play Store Review Section. The SBI App Development Team will be rectifying all problem in the upcoming version. If you still need advice/ report issue in the SBI Secure OTP App, Kindly Check Below.

SBI Secure OTP App Customer Care Support

Register online complaint or Chat with the SBI Customer Care Online. The reporting of problem in SBI Secure OTP App is available SBI Yono LITE App. You can also call on the t0ll-free number and submit online ticket.

SBI SBI Secure App: Register Online Complaint
Status of Complaint: Check SBI mCASH Complaint Status

Note: To check the status of complaint @SBI Customer Care online, you must provide Complaint Ticket Number and Mobile Number.

Toll-Free number 1800112211 or 18004253800 with a ticket number, Email: [email protected]

SBI Secure OTP – How to use Guide

This Mobile App is only for the State Bank of India Account Holders. It helps in generating the Hight Security Password via Mobile SMS OTP. The generation of OTP is online. (In old version of SBI Secure OTP, there was otpion to generate offline OTP) This feature is discontinued in the current version. An SBI OTP generation App for verifying transactions done through state Bank internet Banking and State Bank Anywhere App. The SBI Secure App is available in the Android (Google Play Store), IOS (Apple store), Blackberry (Blackberry App World) and Windows (Window Store).

Registration Process

To register for SBI Secure OTP App, you need to follow the steps given below

  • Login Authentication – User needs to enter INB credentials in login screen (Internet Banking Username and Password)
  • Second-factor authentication – Once login authenticated successfully. SMS will be triggered by the Registered mobile number to verify.
  • mPIN– When user authenticated through the OTP, User is prompted to set mPIN, This will be used to access the application.

Features of SBI Secure OTP App

  • Online OTP: Generate Online OTP for the online transaction. On the State Bank Secure OTP screen user selects the option ‘Online OTP’ and then selects the option ‘Get Online OTP’ in the Secure OTP App. INB sends the OTP to the application. This options mandates that user has internet connectivity in mobile. This OTP is entered in INB screen and transaction is authorized.
  • Offline OTP: (Discontinued in the current version) User selects ‘Offline OTP’ option in internet banking transaction screen, in INB screen a random number is shown in the transaction page. In App, user needs to enter the random number to generate an OTP. OTP is entered in INB screen and validated.
  • Settings: In settings, user can change mPIN and deregister State Bank Secure App from your mobile
  • Change mPIN: Using this option User can change their mPIN.
  • Deregister: You can click on the de-register option provided in the ‘Settings’ menu within the application. Then go to Onlinesbi Profile’ and then ‘High-Security Option’ and deregister the State Bank Secure OTP App from there as well to complete the deregistration process. Please note that after de-registration you will start receiving the OTP in your mobile number that has been registered with INB.
  • Forgot mPIN: Forgot mPIN option will reset the app. You have to register again to the application using your INB credentials and the OTP received in your INB registered mobile number. Please login to Onlinesbi and go to ‘Profile‘ and then ‘High-Security Option‘ and deregister the State Bank Secure OTP App for receiving SMS OTP. You can re-register the application again in your mobile and continue using the same for OTP generation.

Review and Support Team: SBI Secure OTP App

FAQ – Help Center SBI OTP App

Following are the issues and their solutions.

Question: I lost my phone where the Secure OTP App has been registered? How do I perform use ONLINESBI Internet Banking transactions?
Answer: If the mobile is lost/stolen immediately login to Onlinesbi and go to “Profile>> High-Security Option” and deregister the State Bank Secure OTP App. Using the Secure OTP Mobile App. You will immediately start receiving OTP in your Net Banking registered mobile number for your transactions. Alternatively, if you are using another mobile then register the new mobile to use the State Bank Secure OTP App.

Question: Can I install and use SBI Secure OTP App in 2 or more mobile phones?
Answer: No. Once you have registered for the Secure OTP App in one device the same device has to be used for generating OTP. If you wish to register for the App in another mobile please de-register the App from your Internet Banking>> Profile>> High-Security Options.

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