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SlicePay AccessPlan EMI Card 24×7 Helpline, Customer Care SlicePay Rupay

SlicePay Card – Zero Cost EMI Customer Care Apply for New SlicePay Rupay EMI Card Credit Card SlicePay Loan Increase Limit, Contact SlicePay Customer Care Support Team

SlicePay is credit (financial) provider to students and young professionals in India. The SlicePay offers Access Plan and EMI Card Membership plan to the customer as per their need. They operate under the company GaragePreneurs Internet Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru. Slicepay has 6 registered office in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. SlicePay give Rupay EMI Card to the customer with limit upto Rs 10,o00 with KYC verified and with full KYC verified, the customer care increases their limit. The dedicated customer care service of SlicePay is ready to help you 24×7 using Phone Support, Email, Live Chat and even you can visit city office. To register online complaint, the customer has to visit official website or Google Play Store App.

SlicePay Customer Care/ Support

SlicePay is not a Personal Loan provider but you can open Access Plan, that will credit Rs.750 (for students) and Rs.4000 (for professionals). This amount can be then credited to your Bank Account and you can use it wherever you need. Need Help? the customer care team can help you and guide you in process of applying for SlicePay EMI Rupay Card or Access Plan. Contact Helpline if facing problem in EMI Payment, Limit Increase of Card, Processing and Penalty amount.  Here are few complaints submitted by SlicePay customers.

  1. Not able to activate SlicePay Card – Error message booking failedslicepay cusAtomer care support
  2. CIBIL Credit Score is wrong
  3. Physical Card is not booked – showing booking failed
  4. Customer Care of SlicePay EMI Card and Access Plan are not helping
  5. Convert AccessPlan to Card Membership Rupay EMI Card of SlicePay
  6. My application is in waitlisted
  7. You need to wait 6 months to get the loan/ money from SlicePay
  8. Increase card limit
  9. Need money urgent contact the SlicePay Customer Care Loan Department (Officers)

SlicePay Customer Care Support

The Customer can always contact the helpdesk and ask your problem, submit complaint.  The dedicated customer service team is ready to help you 24×7 round the clock. Below are the official phone number, twitter, facebook and email ID support for SlicePay Loan, Card, application, EMI issue etc.

Via Email Support [email protected]
Via Phone Helpline Number +91-8039511673
Twitter  @SlicePay, you need to tweet @SlicePay with your complaint. The customer care will surely reply
Register Online Complaint @Google Play Store
@Online Website Complaint
HelpCenter SlicePay  https://help.slicepay.in/hc/en-us

SlicePay Access Plan

  • Access Plan customers get a starting credit of Rs.750 (for students) and Rs.4000 (for professionals) in their SlicePay account.
  • Access Plan customers can only transfer the money into their bank accounts.
  • Access Plan customers can have only one loan active at a time.
  • Access Plan customers who make timely repayments of loans will have higher chances of getting the SlicePay card membership and will also build a good credit score.
  • A good credit score will help the customers to get loans and other financial products across the country.

To get new SlicePay Account

  • Download the SlicePay app
  • Complete your profile to check eligibility
  • Start using your card and membership features
  • Repay using debit card, UPI or netbanking

Late charges (penalty) including GST are:

 Outstanding Balance (Total amount borrowed)  Fixed late penalty charges (After 3 days from due date i.e. 9th of the month)  Variable late penalty charges (After due date i.e. 6th of the month)
 ₹250+  ₹20 per day (upto a maximum of ₹2000) Interest charges on remaining borrowed amount as on the day of repayment.

Note:  The same fee structure is applicable for both Card Members and Access Plan customers.
The bill will be generated on 1st of every month as usual which is to paid by 5th of the same month.

Payment of EMI: before 5th of every month. You can use any banks debit card, Internet banking or UPI mode to make the payments.

SlicePay Charges

One-time charge for activation: There are no charges for activating your SlicePay card.

You can pay your card bill in two ways:

1. Pay in one go next month NO EXTRA COST
2. Convert to EMIs Interest applicable as per the chosen plan

For example, if you purchase an item worth Rs. 6000 and another for Rs. 250 then total card bill amount is Rs. 6250. So,

1. Pay in one go next month Rs. 6250
2. Convert to EMIs Generally, options available up to 12 months and interest is applicable as per chosen plan

Active SlicePay EMI Card

  • Go to Slicepay Card Section
  • Click on Activate Card button
  • Select your PIN
  • Verify your phone

and your card will be activated and ready to be swiped.

Note: – SlicePay Card is available only for Card Members.

Increase SlicePay Card Limit

  • You need to complete the KYC (Fully verify) to increase the Card Limit. Even, If your Credit Limit is greater than 10,000 even then you can currently only transact up to Rs. 10,000 per month through the SlicePay Card. So, you need to complete the Full KYC Process.

In case, you are not able to increase the Card Limit, just call the customer care team or submit online request to increase, close your EMI account, etc.

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