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BHIM SyndUPI App Complaint – Get Syndicate Bank UPI App Support, Toll-Free

Last updated on April 18th, 2019 at 01:48 pm

Register BHIM SyndUPI Complaint Online, Syndicate UPI App Customer Care Number. BHIM SyndUPI Support Team, Submit Online Ticket of Syndicate Bank UPI App. Toll-Free Number – Device is not binding some validation message type based on Device Type

Syndicate Bank UPI App is developed for iOS and Android operating systems smartphone. Syndicate UPI App allows you to send money, request money, check balance, add any bank account, PIN set/ reset, QR code payment feature. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) developed UPI (Unified Payment Interface) system that allows you to pay/ request money in realtime without any charges 24×7.

Syndicate Bank UPI App PIN SET

Step 1: Install Synd UPI app from Google Play store or for iPhone from app store and open the same.
Step 2: Select SIM which has mobile number that is registered with Bank.
Step 3: Enter Basic details
Step 4: Login by setting a 6 digit application password.
Step 5: Link your bank accounts using the Manage accounts option.
Step 6: Create a virtual address for the account linked.
Step 7: Set your UPI PIN by providing last 6 digits of the debit card and expiry date followed by OTP.

For the Windows Smartphone, the Syndicate Bank has not developed UPI App. BHIM SyndUPI complaints can be registered via phone, email or register online complaint. The toll-free number is available on the official website. The support team is happy to serve you 24×7. Just call them and register your complaint.

Change UPIN

To change the current MPIN, the customer has to select the VPA from the drop to down list and click on the submit button. On the next screen, UPIN entry page will be displayed where the customer has to enter the new UPIN and confirm the same.

Collect Money Request

  • After login select Collect Money Option.
  • The customer has to select the payee virtual payment address (VPA), mode of payment (either Immediate or Beneficiary List) and choose the type as VPA.
  • Enter the payer VPA to collect money and clicks on verify to check the name of payer.
  • Enter the amount, minimum amount, Expiry Duration, Remarks for the transaction and click on Initiate Collect.
  • The initiator is notified once PAYER accepts the request for money.

Syndicate Bank UPI Complaints/ Support

BHIM SyndUPI App version 2.6 was recently released on 10 April 2019 (Latest Version) as on 18 April 2019. Total 1462 customer has reviewed the SYNDUPI App. The average rating of 3.6 points out of 5 points. This is not good rating in the Finance Category App. Total 1,00,000+ apps download. There are many complaints registered on the Google Play Store for Syndicate Bank UPI App. Out of which following are the main error/ problem the customers are facing with SYNDUPI BHIM App.

  1. Device Binding Failed at the time of UPI Registration (SYNDUPI App)
  2. SMS is sending before the validation of KYC. and error msg as “Device is not binding”
  3. Can’t add my Syndicate Bank Account
  5. Fail lastName should be in alphabets.lastName
  6. Same validation message based on device type
  7. no record found, connectivity issue, invalid username/password
  8. not possible to register on this SYND UPI, it gives an error as Failed – No record found, getting issues while fetching a mobile number
  9. Mobile number registration failed
  10. Technical error at the time of a transaction.
  11. Money debited but not credited to other accounts.
  12. SyndUPI App is very slow after updating.
  13. The transaction is failed but money deducted.

SYNDUPI BHIM APP Support, Toll-Free

Get 24×7 helpline for the customer using the Syndicate Bank UPI App. You can register online complaints with your transaction number, ticket id etc. Do not share your bank credentials, card details on phone.

Customer Care/ Support Team

Mr Indersain Baluja, General Manager
Syndicate Bank, Corporate Office
Business Strategy & Planning Department
Syndicate Bank Building
2nd Cross, Gandhinagar
Bengaluru – 560009
Phone: 080-22260281
Fax: 080-22208960
E-Mail[email protected]

Toll-Free Number: 180030113333 & 18002083333
Email[email protected]

Register BHIM SyndUPI App Complaint at Google Play Store

SYNDUPI App – Customer Care

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