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{TopInfra – TopRide Global New Business} Join TopInfra Plot Booking Plans, Legal Documents, Frauds, Payment Proof

TopInfra (Real Estate Business) is the new Business Investment (MLM Business) by TopRide Global Services Pvt. Ltd. As the TopRide Cab Service Limited is expanding very nicely, The TopRide Global has started a new Business Plan for the Investors. The TopInfra Plans Joining Details, Plot Registration Fee, Payment Proof, Business Analysis, Cancellation of Plot and Money Back Policy, Legal Documents of TopInfra Company details are available in this article.

Here, we are providing a complete list of TopInfra Plans, Income, and Rate of Interest, Plot Registration, Legal Documents, How to Join TopInfra, Members and Investor, Payment Proofs, Profile of TopRide TopInfra Business, Sponsor ID of members, Support and Helpcenter.

TopInfra Company Profile/ Documents

After the successful launch of TopRide Cab Services, the team of TopRide Global Services Ltd is ready with the new Business Plan. It is TopInfra “Real Estate” Investment company. The user can register and join TopInfra only if you have upper team SPONSOR ID. The TopInfra is an upcoming Business that can give you the chance to earn 24% Interest Profit in 20 months (Double your money in 20 months). In TopInfra, you have the chance to book Plot, Flat or even sale your land to TopGlobal Services Ltd. After evaluation of Land, you will get the amount.

Disclaimer: The investor must take full responsibility at the time of Joining TopInfra Business Plan. Read the legal documents SEBI, Govt. of India MLM Joining risk and frauds. There are lots of Fraud MLM running in India right now. So be careful before sending payments online/ NEFT/ IMPS etc.

TopRide TopInfra Business Plans Explained

TopInfra has created 10 Business Plans. The investor can Join or Book 1 Unit with a minimum of Rs 29500/- and plot size will be 450 Sq. Ft. After paying an initial booking amount, TOPINFRA will send the Plot Registration Details (Patta/ Plot Location/ Size).

TopInfra Plot Booking: Business Plans

Book your own Plot or Flat in a very low budget by the TopInfra Top Ride Global Services Ltd. The Customer can book their property by paying a Rs 29500/- only for 450SqFt. Plot Size Land. All the Plot related documents (registration, fee, govt patta etc) will be sent via Post or Email to the investor by the Company (As per the BUSINESS PLAN PPT/ PDF). After paying first installment customer can Buy a Property by paying all installments in 20 months.

Booking Unit Plan Amount Plot Booking Size Per Month (After Cancellation of Plot)
1 29500/- 450 Sq. Ft. 2950/- for 20 month
2 59000/- 900 Sq. Ft. 5900/- for 20 month
3 88500/- 1350 Sq. Ft. 8850/- for 20 month
4 118000/- 1800 Sq. Ft. 11800/- for 20 month
5 147500/- 2250 Sq. Ft. 14750/- for 20 month
6 177000/- 2700 Sq. Ft. 17700/- for 20 month
7 206500/- 3150 Sq. Ft. 20650/- for 20 month
8 236000/- 3600 Sq. Ft. 23600/- for 20 month
9 265500/- 4050 Sq. Ft. 26550/- for 20 month
10 295000/- 4500 Sq. Ft. 29500/- for 20 month

TopInfra Account Activation Benefits

To get more incentive in TopInfra, you have to join more and more investor under you.

Sale of 1 Unit/Day: Get Rs 2500 (It means that if your team or below line member or you add 1 Unit (Rs 29500), then you will get Rs 2500/-
Sale of 2 Unit/Day or More: Get Rs 5000 (Adding more investor/ selling Plot Size 900Sq.Ft. Plan can give you chance to earn RS 5000/- incentive).
Note:  Incentive Deduction 5% Admin And 5% TDS Charges.

Promotor Incentive – Top Infra Plans

Growth Bonus

You will get 2500Rs/ UNIT matching profit up to your depth and remaining will be carry forwarded to next. The first incentive will be on 1:2 or 2:1 & after that 1:1 until depth. You will get this when you referral 2 unit in your business.

Bonus Funds

The Bonus funds of TopInfra are following

  1. Travel Bonus Fund: The dedicated Promoters with complete 500 unit matching after that they will be provided with a special extra income in which they will get 1.5% OF C.T.O. To get this benefits a Promoter must have 25 unit matching in that month.
  2. Car Bonus Funds: Each and every PROMOTER in this world think that he must have dream CAR to full fill his dream TOPINFRA 1% of C.T.O. for a lifetime. Associate to get this fund after completing 1000 UNIT matching. To get this benefits a Promoter must have 50 unit matching in that month.
  3. Home Bonus Funds: After achieving 2000 UNIT matching a PROMOTER will be eligible to get HOUSE FUND. In which they will get .5% of CTO.To get this benefits must have 100 unit matching in that month.

TopInfra Designation & Royalty Incentives

S.No Designation Qualified Matching
1 Star Manager 100 Units
2 Manager 500 Units
3 Senior Manager 1250 Units
4 Director 2500 Units
5 Senior Director 5000 Units

TopInfra Login/ Join TopInfra Register New Account

TopInfra is giving a great chance to get a higher return of money. To get the benefit of TopInfra Plans, you have to join any PLAN as per your choice. There are total of 10 Plans. The minimum plan is of Rs 29500/- and after then it multiplies by 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. So top Plan of TopInfra is of 2,95,000 (in this you get 10 UNIT Plot Registration).

Join TopInfra: To join the topInfra (New Investor Joining) you have to login to the www.topinfra.in website and click on “Register” on the top menu. Following details are asked SPONSOR ID, POSITION, NAME, EMAIL ID, MOBILE NUMBER and PASSWORD.

In case you don’t have the Sponsor ID (No upper team)- Incorrect Sponsor Id Error then you can comment below or Fill the form given below.

Login TopInfra: To check your Payments, History, Plot Registration documents or company Profile. you have to Login in the TopInfra website. Login with USERNAME (ID) and Password. If you have lost the password. Click on Forget Password and Login. The Plot Cancellation Facility is also available online. You can Topup your ID after booking Plots.

TopInfra Payment Proof

As we all know that TopInfra is just started few days back. We are going to upload the Payment Proof of TopInfra for Business Plans. The Plot Registration Proof and other legal documents will be soon available in this section.

According to the TopRide Payment Proof History, the TopRide Global Services Pvt. Ltd. transfer funds/ incentive or bonus through NEFT mode only. The user has to add their Bank Account details (IFSC Code, Account Number, Branch, Name, Name of Bank etc). Also you have to submit valid PAN CARD details, ID Proof etc. to active TopInfra ID (Account). The status of ID (GREEN) is available online. You can also request top memeber to activate your account. IF you need any help, just fill the form given below.

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26 May 2019 12:24 PM

Top infra start there company with topride but after some change topride change the company name and announce new name with new plan TOP infra. If I talk about this company then it’s a fake and fraud company bcz I invested there 200000 rs and completely broke now so my humble request to you do not invest your money here bcz this awareness about company . Now company are not paying our monthly plan price as the discussed and promised.

1 August 2019 3:01 PM

Not getting any money. invested in March and requested for cancelling my investment in May but got no response till. Now. Please help

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