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  1. Sir,
    Today i got following SMS from DZ-ITDEFL

    Your 26AS Statement for FY16-17 shows income receipts & TDS. Please ascertain your tax liability & file IT Return by due date (31 July 2017, if not auditable). Please link your PAN with Aadhaar. E-verify your ITR using Aadhaar OTP or other methods.

    I do small amount of share trading/investing and farming. I don’t earn any salary. I don’t have taxable income. Is it necessary for me to file IT Return? Will there be any problem if I select the box on TRACES website and click on Proceed and don’t file it return?

  2. First Time, I also received these sms and mail to file ITR, I did not file ITR in my whole life, because my total income does not exceeds 2,50,000 rs, then why these messages ?

  3. Total TDS by Employer of PAN AVLXXXXX3R for Qtr ending Dec 31 is Rs 58,661 and cumulative TDS for FY 17-18 is Rs 1,60,548. View 26AS for details


    Sir/madam, I, I.SWEETLIN SASITHA,PAN CGYPS8252A,got sms about TDS AY 2016-17,and I started efiling process.Kindly give me time.

  5. Dear Sir,
    How can i link my aahaar to my PAN no

  6. Dear Sir,
    How can i link my aadaar to my PAN no

  7. How to link my aadhar no to my pan no

  8. Santosh Kumar Das

    Sir, I Santosh kumar Das, I a msg received from your ITDEFL (Total TDS Employer of PAN AKBPD8927C up to Qtr end dec 31of Fy 16-17 was Rs 17,937 and total TDS up to Qtr end Dec 31 of Fy 17-18 is Rs 0)

    In this connection I replied to you Presently I am a ex service person, I retired from my servce /job wef 31-03-2017, so that my income is presently very low. Hence, my TDS foy the FY 17-18 is nil

  9. Pravin prabhakar Gaigole

    Total TDS by Employer of pan pravin Gaigole

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